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NGF-TrkA signaling in sensory nerves is required for skeletal adaptation to mechanical loads in mice.

Journal article

Tomlinson RE. et al, (2017), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114, E3632 - E3641

Neurotrophin Signaling Is Required for Glucose-Induced Insulin Secretion.

Journal article

Houtz J. et al, (2016), Dev Cell, 39, 329 - 345

Synaptic mechanisms of adenosine A2A receptor-mediated hyperexcitability in the hippocampus.

Journal article

Rombo DM. et al, (2015), Hippocampus, 25, 566 - 580

GABAergic and glutamatergic efferents of the mouse ventral tegmental area.

Journal article

Taylor SR. et al, (2014), J Comp Neurol, 522, 3308 - 3334

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity: Role of BDNF

Conference paper


Ablation of TrkB signalling in CCK neurons results in hypercortisolism and obesity.

Journal article

Geibel M. et al, (2014), Nat Commun, 5

Synaptic membrane rafts: traffic lights for local neurotrophin signaling?

Journal article

Zonta B. and Minichiello L., (2013), Front Synaptic Neurosci, 5

GABAergic neurons regulate lateral ventricular development via transcription factor Pax5.

Journal article

Ohtsuka N. et al, (2013), Genesis, 51, 234 - 245

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