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Colin J Akerman

Professor of Neuroscience

Daniel C Anthony

Professor of Experimental Neuropathology

Barry V L Potter

Professor of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Rebecca A B Burton

University Research Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow (Linacre College)

Grant C Churchill

Associate Professor in Chemical Pharmacology

Kim Dora

Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology

Tommas Ellender

MRC Career Development Fellow

Nigel Emptage

Head of Department

Antony Galione

Statutory Professor of Pharmacology

Christopher J Garland

Professor of Vascular Pharmacology

John G R Jefferys

Professor of Neuroscience

Ming Lei

Associate Professor

Liliana Minichiello

Reader in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

John Parrington

Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Frances Platt

Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Angela Russell

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Trevor Sharp

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Rebecca M A Sitsapesan

Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology

A David Smith

Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology

Peter P Somogyi

Professor of Neurobiology

Paolo Tammaro

Associate Professor in Pharmacology

Sridhar Vasudevan

University Research Lecturer

Elisa Venturi

Acting Group Leader

Barbara Zonta

MSc Course Director