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Colin J Akerman

Professor of Neuroscience

Daniel C Anthony

Professor of Experimental Neuropathology

Barry V L Potter

Professor of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Rebecca A B Burton

University Research Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow (Linacre College)

Grant C Churchill

Associate Professor in Chemical Pharmacology

Kim Dora

Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology

Tommas Ellender

MRC Career Development Fellow

Nigel Emptage

Head of Department

Antony Galione

Statutory Professor of Pharmacology

Christopher J Garland

Professor of Vascular Pharmacology

John G R Jefferys

Professor of Neuroscience

Ming Lei

Associate Professor

Liliana Minichiello

Reader in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

John Parrington

Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Frances Platt

Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Angela Russell

Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry

Trevor Sharp

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Rebecca M A Sitsapesan

Professor of Pharmacology

A David Smith

Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology

Peter P Somogyi

Professor of Neurobiology

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Aman Asif-Malik

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Thamali Ayagama

Research Technician

Lyudmyla Borysova

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Michael Brenner

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Analysis of Cytoskeletal and Signalling ...

Paul Brodersen

Research Assistant

Rebecca Capel

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Fu-Sheng Chang

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Lianne Davis

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Wolfgang Dohle

Research Associate

Farid Ebrahimjee

Research Assistant

Vasileios Eftychidis

Research Assistant

Maria Fernandez-Suarez

Newton International Fellow

Claire Fletcher

Genotyping Research Technician

William Foster

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Katja Hartwich

Research Technician in Neuroscience

Peter Haslehurst

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Michael Howarth

Research Assistant in Neuroscience

Alexander F Jeans

Clinical Research Fellow

Eunjeong Jung

Postdoctoral Research Assistant In Cardiac Physiology

Linda Katona

Postdoctoral Neuroscientist

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Kathryn Acheson

DPhil Student

Faizzan Ahmad

DPhil Student

Sophie Avery

DPhil Student

James Bae

DPhil Student

Razik Bin Abdul Mu u Min

Matthew Buchan

DPhil Student

Alexandru Calin

DPhil Student

Carla Da Silva Santos

DPhil Student

Harvey Davis

DPhil Student

Ria Dinsdale

DPhil Student

Kaizhong Duan

MSc (Res) Student

David Eberhardt

DPhil Student

Maysa Falah

DPhil Student

Amelie Gavard

DPhil Student

Fei Guo

DPhil Student

Alaa Hachem

DPhil Student

Sungwon Han

DPhil Student

Ali Hanbashi

DPhil Student

Anne Hedegaard

DPhil Student

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Andrea Ballabio

Visiting Professor of Lysosomal Pathophysiology

Tamas Bartfai

Visiting Professor of Drug Discovery

Garth Cooper

Visiting Professor of Drug Discovery and Therapeutics

Claudio Cuello

Visiting Professor in Neuropharmacology

Doris Höglinger

Visiting Research Fellow

Leslie L Iversen

Visiting Professor in Neuropharmacology

Mark Nelson

Visiting Professor in Pharmacology

Helga Refsum

Visiting Professor in Human Nutrition

Edith Sim

Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology

Derek Terrar

Emeritus Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology

Magdi Yacoub

Visiting Professor of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Michiko Yamasaki-Mann

Visiting Research Fellow

Paul Adams

Deputy Administrator (Building & Facilities)

Jonathan Barker

Divisional Safety Officer (Pre-Clinical Departments, Medical Sciences Division)

Katie Baxter

Early Morning Reception

Lauren Dumbleton

Administration Assistant

Paul Dunn

Common Room Manager

Mary Gilgunn-Jones

Research Project Co-Ordinator

John Harris

Facilities Manager

Katie Hickman


Sarah King

Finance Officer

Graeme Laidler

Security Guard

Hilary Long

Classroom and Equipment Technician

Jimmy Martin


Hicham Ouallaf

Facilities Technician

Martyn Preston

Electronics Technician

Paula Savin

Graduate Student Administrator

Carolyn Thackrah

Deputy Administrator (Personnel)

Nicola Tomlinson

Common Room Assistant

James Weller

Security Guard