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Andrew M Riley

BSc, BPharm, PhD, MRPharmS

Research Fellow

My research focuses on small molecules that are involved in signalling within cells. I am particularly interested in a family of molecules known as the inositol phosphates  (InsPs).

InsPs play crucial roles in a vast range of cellular functions, such as cell growth, migration, and differentiation.

By using chemistry to make synthetic versions of InsPs, and then modifying the structures of these molecules, I am developing tools that can be used to study the roles of InsPs in health and disease.

Recently, I have synthesised modified versions of the “higher” InsPs, including InsP5, InsP7 and InsP8. These are being used by our collaborators to explore the uptake of InsPs by living cells and to investigate enzymes that either metabolise InsPs or are regulated by them.

X-ray crystal structure of the enzyme PPIP5K2 in complex with a synthetic inositol phosphate analogue reveals a new binding pocket, which could be a target for new drugs designed to inhibit PPIP5K2.

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