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Vadim Koren

DPhil Student

Vadim Koren, studied Mathematics and Biology as undergraduate at the ETH and University of Zurich in 2009-2013. Thereafter, he transferred to the University of Oxford for an MSc in Neuroscience. During his first MSc project in Prof. Nigel Emptage’s lab, he investigated the role of spine voltage in the induction of long-term plasticity at single synapses in acute hippocampal slices. In his second project, supervised by Dr. Tim Vogels, he used computational models to simulate neuro-modulatory effects on information processing in canonical neural circuits.

In October 2014 Vadim joined Prof. Nigel Emptage’s lab for his DPhil. His project involves the development and implementation of a novel approach towards in vivo deep brain imaging in rodents. Combined with in vivo multi-channel extracellular recordings to be carried out under supervision of Dr. David Dupret, this will allow him to investigate hippocampal network activity associated with memory processing.